Basics to Look For in an Intro Maker

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With so many similar options out there, what should you look for in an intro maker?

Basics to Look For in an Intro Maker

You already know the intro maker basics. You know how these intro videos can benefit your brand, boost engagement in the first seconds of your videos and bring a professional edge to your channel. You’re ready to jump in with creating a customized intro video for yourself.

But here’s the problem: there are dozens of logo video creators and intro video makers out there. How do you wade through them all and choose what will work for you? Looking for feedback from existing customers is a great place to start. Outside of that, here are five of the basics to look for in an online intro video creator.

1: Easy & Flexible Customization

The whole point of an online intro maker is to take the burden of editing and video creation off of you. Motion graphics software can be a complicated beast, and it can take months or years to gain enough mastery to execute on your ideas. With that in mind, the best intro video makers will boast easy and flexible customization to any of their video templates. Being able to insert your logo or text may not be enough.

Having intro video creator basics means these sites should also let users change out images and audio as well. Better yet, users can even choose different video qualities to adapt the finished video to different platforms.

2: Diverse Options

When it comes to an effective and engaging intro video, one size does not fit all. You want to be able to find the right logo video or introduction to your videos. This means finding a video template that matches your theme, your style, your messaging and your niche. It also means intro video creators should boast a host of diverse options for you to choose from.

For example, IntroCave features hundreds of unique intro videos across over half a dozen categories. These categories are divided by niche topic, like gaming, music, travel, and sports. Within these categories, users can find a template that fits their style and the length they are looking for.

3: Great Customer Service - and a Low Cost

Ideally, the creation of your intro video should be easy as pie. You pick a template, you customize the video and then you have it delivered. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and sometimes tweaks are needed, files don’t upload or submissions don’t go through. In these cases, you’ll want an intro maker with a real human behind the scenes that can jump on any problems.

Of course, staying on top of customer service doesn’t mean intro video creator solutions get to charge an arm and a leg for their intro videos. Offering the intro video creator basics means being able to offer these video templates at a low price. It should work well for small businesses on down to YouTube hobbyists looking for a fresh look to their channel.

Most importantly: you shouldn't have to pay a monthly subscription for a single intro video. If you're making tons of videos for clients or updating your title sequences with every video, a subscription service that can handle multiple renders a month might make sense. For the vast majority of users, though, you just want one intro video and there's no reason to subscribe to anything.

4: A Simplified Process

Creating a logo video or intro video for your channel shouldn’t have to be a complex process. The idea of using an intro video creator is so that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of editing.

Platforms like IntroCave let video creators customize existing templates to fit their logo, brand, and message. Here’s how the intro video creator works:

  • Pick a video template that you like. This can be a logo video or a pure-text video with animation.
  • Fill out a simple form that will let you customize your intro video with text, audio, and images.
  • Receive a preview of your customized video intro. There are currently no watermarks on free previews—I'm confident that if you take your channel seriously you'll want to upgrade to an HD intro video.
  • When your preview looks just how you want, order the HD version. HD renders typically take less than two hours (and you don't have to lock up your machine while it renders!).

Still have questions about intro video creator basics? Email support@introcave or fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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