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IndieHackers is a community for founders of online businesses and side hustles to talk about how things are going and share numbers—kind of like what I've been doing on this blog, only with waaaaaay more sites at once.

IntroCave Interviewed on IndieHackers

IntroCave has been featured in an interview on IndieHackers! I finished this interview about a month or so before it went live, but it happened to come out on exactly the 365th day of me taking over IntroCave. I'll probably still do a 1-year recap post with a lot of this same content at some point, but I haven't completely decided where to post that type of content going forward (either here on this blog, over at IndieHackers, or on my resurrected-but-currently-empty blog on my personal site.

Salaries are great! Don't be afraid to work a day job for a few years and tinker on the side.

Besides that fun nugget, I also talk about:

  • shopping around for a business to buy
  • purchasing the business
  • what it feels like to take over an existing project
  • managing a full-time job on top of running IntroCave
  • improvements over the last year of running the site
  • monthly revenue from July of last year through April of this year
  • future goals

It was a lot of fun putting all of my answers together, and I'm glad the community over there seemed to like the interview.

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