Intro Video Template Spotlight: Quick Movie Intro

Quick Movie Intro is one of our newest intro videos and it's already getting a lot of attention! People have been asking us for quick & punchy templates so this is our answer. Let's see it in all its glory again:

As you can see, Quick Movie Intro is clearly inspired by a popular recent movie trailer with it's large text and booming sound. The template gives you 4 text customizations in total, the first two in the opening scene and then the next two get their own scene each, punctuated by a striking booming sound sure to catch your users attention.
We think Quick Movie Intro is perfect for both gaming channel intros and business video intros too.

Right now, Quick Movie Intro is only $4.99 for 720p and $9.99 for 1080p High Definition so it's also a bargain! It is super easy to customize with our intro maker software, you can have a brand new Youtube intro video in 5 minutes.

Click here to customize Quick Movie Intro