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I ran out of lemurs long ago, so now I just try to make the worst visual pun possible. BREAKing news. News of BREAKing.

IntroCave in the News

Unless you're lucky enough to live in a hole, November has been a bit of a roller coaster. I've watched more news in the last month than at any time I can remember. Fresh off expanding the Sports Category to include Fitness last month, it occurred to me that my Breaking News - Red template has consistently been a top seller... and it doesn't really fit into any of the existing categories on the site. People seem to like News Intro Videos, so it seemed time to make that a proper category and add some new videos!

New Render Engine Progress

I've been testing a new way to render videos. It's been going well! Most videos render in 40-60% less time, which is pretty amazing. I was running this renderer in parallel for most of the summer just to get a sense of how stable it would be, but it was still missing quite a few features (customizable colors and audio being the big ones). In the process of adding those, I figured out a way to use some of the data in the template files to streamline asset creation. Those changes, unfortunately, mean that the new system isn't compatible with the old customization form, so that's one more thing that needs to be rebuilt before I can launch the new render engine.

I'm currently preparing each new template for the OLD (live) render system and the NEW (in development) render system. Prepping the files doesn't take that long, but testing that everything works properly does take awhile. October (13 new templates) and November (10 new templates) have been pretty good motivations to hurry up and finish the new system. Spending an extra 3-4 hours each month to process the videos twice isn't a great use of time.

Business usually sees a big spike in January (if you know anyone whose New Year's resolution is starting a YouTube channel, send them my way!), so I'm hoping to roll the new renderer and customizer in the next month. Wish me luck!

New Intro Video Templates for December 2020

You can preview ALL of the new intro videos in my monthly intro reel on YouTube.

Breaking News Video Logo

Broadcast-style breaking news with quick-cut animated logo and headline.

Vintage World News Logo

Breaking news with a bit of a vintage spin.

Broadcast News Logo

Broadcast-style breaking news with a rotating logo and headline.

Glitch News Logo

Breaking news with a glitch/technology theme.

Red World Update News Text

All the news that's fit to put in a title and subtitle.

Blue Breaking News Text

Broadcast-style blue headline with a red accent.

Flat World News Logo

A digital world map pulses with activity, ready to announce your breaking news.

Digital World News Text

Breaking news with a bit of a future-tech hologram vibe.

Clean Breaking News Text

A clean white environment with a red globe, a title, and a subtitle.

Retro TV Logo

A cute retro TV with customizable background colors.

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