IntroCave Updates 2018

IntroCave Updates

IntroCave Updates 2018

Still looking for that next great intro video? Well what are you waiting for? Head on over to and you'll find a great selection of customizable video templates to choose from.

We've been hard at work over the last few months adding lots of new updates. Since last summer we've almost doubled the number of available video templates, making sure to add a wide variety of different styles to suit your needs. We've tried to cover all types of uses, from short quick business intros to loud and exciting gaming intros and everything in between.

We also massively expanded our audio library to allow you even more choice when customizing your videos. Now there is all sorts of options for background music including heavy EDM to light folk to classic and cinematic style pieces.

You'll also notice all the changes and improvements we've made to the website. You can now search via keyword and category as well as search by video duration and even by the types of customizations the template offers! Not only that, but we've added a number of new render servers to allow even faster creation of your videos after customization.

There is loads more to come too. We have lots of cool plans for new features and new videos over the next few months so feel free to keep checking back!