Say It With Text: 12 Logo Reveal Animations That Don't Actually Need a Logo

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In terms of time spent, this post might be my longest ever! Dozens of preview renders, around 20 HD renders, and then converting everything to a gif.

Say It With Text: 12 Logo Reveal Animations That Don't Actually Need a Logo

I've been having a lot of fun with the new text-to-image feature that I added to IntroCave's intro maker, so I thought I'd highlight some of the templates that work really well with the new system. As I rewrite more of the templates to prioritize rectangular logos, even more videos will work well with the text-to-image generator.

This template doesn't have dynamic color options, so picking a text color to match the icy blue shades is key. Picking a slightly condensed font lets me jam in a bit more text without taking up much space.

Fjalla One

Light blue


The animation itself adds a little bit of warm glow, but I decided to go with a just-barely-orange text. I wanted a clean and geometric font with enough weight to hold up to the spin animation, and Poppins is a perfect fit.


Warm white


The glow and glitch effects in this template really shine on a thinner font. Choosing a slightly more muted blue than the glow gives the impression that the lights are going out at the end.


Neon blue


This template has a pretty mottled background, so it's important to pick a color that pops. I chose white, but I was tempted to write a little more code to allow for a nice stroke to help even more with templates like this one.


Bluish white


Raleway has a few funky characters that I'm not a huge fan of, but for "STATIC HUD" I really liked the crispness and legibility. I chose a bluish white just to match the animated elements already present in the template.


Bluish white


I was really close to using Overpass on the Static HUD template above—it's inspired by the US federal highway signs and the hud animations have a bit of a speedometer vibe. This is one of my favorite templates, so I ended up sticking with Overpass. THis template has customizable colors, but I chose to roughly match the default green hue.


Greenish white


I wanted a clean Futura-ish font to match the built in text, so I decided to go with the 1920's-inspired Josefin Sans. I tinted the text green, but the background color is customizable—you'd probably want to slightly tint the white text to match whatever background color you go with.

Josefin Sans

Greenish white


Android's default system font is a great choice for mock interfaces, and the clean charcoal color closely matches the boxes already found in the template.




Though not necessarily news-specific, I think of "BREAKING NEWS" every time I see this earth revolve logo reveal. The first thing that popped into my head was a chunky Garamond, but ended up choosing a slightly different serif font from Google's fonts.

Crimson Text



I'll likely tune the logo sizing (bigger) a bit when I rebuild this template for the new renderer, but I thought the glow and particles played nicely with a chunky white font.




The built in text sections use a sans-serif font. Google's font selection is a little lacking when it comes to bold choices, and ultimately I felt like the thickness of Bitter looked the best and I could overlook a bit of mismatch.




This template also needs a little love in the "aspect fit" logo sizing department, but similar to the Luxury intro above I think the almost-white text over the top of the warm glow just reads very nicely.


Warm white


Your Creations

I'm not the world's greatest designer, but then again you shouldn't have to be just to use an intro maker. I'm pretty happy with how these videos turned out! I'll keep thinking of new features I can add to make even better designs possible. If you have specific videos that you'd like to see support text a bit better, send me an email ( and I'll see if I can fast-track those template updates. Likewise, if you make a sweet video using the new text renderer, send me a link to your video in the wild and I'll give it a shout out somewhere.

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