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Fitness at my house means Beat Saber, but for most people it looks more like this.

Sports, Meet Fitness

Sports has always been a weird category. I created it because I see a lot of searches for sports-related topics. I suspect most of those searches are related to pro teams, though, and for licensing reasons I obviously can't do any branded intro videos (for the same reasons I can't do branded Fortnite intros or Minecraft intros or Apex Legends intros). That made content creation... tricky. I think fake uniforms look terrible, and so I've mostly just sat on my thumbs and ignored this category.

I've always done pretty good sales with gym and fitness channels, though. What if... I was targeting the wrong folks? I've decided to rebrand the "Sports" category to "Sports and Fitness" — partly because of demand and partly because it's a heck of a lot easier to find non-branded content in the exercise and fitness space. I rolled out four weight-lifting themed videos to start that category this month, but I'll also be keeping an eye out for good templates in other gym-related activities: yoga, cardio, running.

New Intro Video Templates for November 2020

(Plus the 2 I Snuck in for Halloween)

You can preview ALL of the new intro videos in my monthly intro reel on YouTube.

Halloween Logo

Spooky? Spooky. Pumpkins? Pumpkins. A simple Halloween logo reveal.

Spooky Halloween Hybrid

Witches and zombies and graveyards and customizable text, oh my!

Wooden Logo Small

Your logo, on wood. Digital wood.

Wooden Logo Wide

Your (wide) logo, on wood. Digital wood.

Spooky Swamp Text

Watch out for alligators. And bog monsters.

Comic Book Impact Logo

BAM! POW! Put your logo here!

Comic Book Impact Text

LIKE. COMMENT. SUBSCRIBE. And other one-word headlines.

Medical Logo

A medical intro should cure what ails you.

World Map Logo

Not a world traveler? Change the map!

Weight Training v1 Logo

Get pumped! Add your logo to this weight lifting template.

Weight Training v1 Text

Get pumped! Add your title to this weight lifting template.

Weight Training v2 Logo

Get pumped! Add your logo to this weight lifting template.

Weight Training v2 Text

Get pumped! Add your title to this weight lifting template.

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